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Commerce Media Tech at the International Growth Summit for Lead Generation


The foundation of Team Internet’s business is owning and managing the end-to-end supply chain for domain name registry and related services including web hosting, brand management, and domain parking.

By bringing together businesses in related fields Team Internet created an omnichannel ecosystem to provide top-quality Internet infrastructure tools globally.

In 2020 Commerce Media Tech joined the Team Internet Group on a mission to enable the global online economy to reach its full potential by connecting customers with the tools to achieve their online aspirations. We started out in 2010 in Poland with the goal to create a custom tool for our founder, an independent digital marketer.

Our products quickly became a go-to software for the advertising professions. Today, we are proud to support advertisers and marketers from around the world.

Products we’re proud of


The award-winning ad tracker

Voluum is a marketing analytics software with AI-powered technology and campaign auto-optimization features that make optimizing campaigns simpler yet more effective.

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Self-serve marketing platform

Zeropark provides incremental advertising solutions for brands and agencies to grow their business beyond existing channels and for other marketers to deliver way beyond their advertising benchmarks.

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Presenting our speaker

Daniel Chojnacki
Daniel ChojnackiHead of Digital Marketing
& Social Media at Team Internet

With 10+ years of experience in digital analytics and advertising both in-house and agency-side, and having run hundreds of successful eCommerce, lead gen & awareness campaigns Daniel has proven himself a true expert in leading digital marketing teams and building successful omnichannel strategies for SaaS local services and e-commerce.

His aim at the summit is to share inspiring Central & Eastern European success stories of LeadGen businesses going global via the International Growth Framework.

And continuing to expand our network, reaching out is always welcomed, if you’re interested you can reach out to Daniel via his Linkedin.